Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bible Studies In Tennessee Public Schools

The press has recently published commentary regarding Tennessee's decision to allow Bible teaching in public schools, and obviously, commentaries range all over the board. Some say noway, while others say about time. What amazes me is the changes in our country regarding the acceptance of religious principles being taught in public schools. It was not too terribly long ago that Tennessee was criticised for indicting a science teacher for teaching evolution in public schools. Remember the "Scopes Trial". So Tennessee was wrong for not allowing evolution in the public schools. Today the critics maintain that Tennessee is wrong for allowing both evolution and Bible readings. Those who are opposed to the Bible obviously do not want the Bible taught in public schools. Bible opponents want a society where students are never exposed to teaching of absolutes of right and wrong. In essence, they are much like the critics of the Tennessee's Scope mentality, critizing Tennessee for banning evolution in public schools. In other words, the opponents of Bible teaching oppose an open discussion of absolute rights and wrongs expressed in the Bible and want an atmosphere of no discussions of absolutes, no biblical discussions on moral issues, and no mention that that there are moral principals found in the Bible that are the foundations of our laws, our guides for living in a civilized society and imperative to maintain a healthy community. By only supporting a educational system that will only accept teachings without absolutes, or the biblical principals of absolutes, you in essence promote a religion of no absolutes. In other words, by banning teachings of absolute rights and wrongs, as found in the bible , creates an educational environment of no absolute morals, and this is inconsistent with a civilized republic and glorifies anarchy. Without absolutes, as found in the bible, who can say that any criminal law, rules of marriage, general rules of conduct, etc can ever be mandated and enforced as a matter of law in order to maintain a civilized society. And why are the biblical absolutes important to students, because the fabric of our country would crumble without those absolutes not established by man but God. And, yes conservatives can express their opinions and not be unconstitutional. I can oppose anyone who opposes absolute rights and wrongs, as found in the Bible and petition that those absolutes become the laws of the land. And how could we survive without laws.. Teaching the Bible in public schools is not un-American, it is necessary to understand why a civilized society has laws dictating right and wrong. Burlison,JD Planning a trip go to :